Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Midori no Mame, Toyocho (緑の豆)

It's such a pleasure to be wandering around my neighborhood during business hours on a weekday (this was the day I renewed my driver's license, so I had the whole afternoon off). Usually it's a weekend, which doesn't feel the same, or it's 6 in the morning and I'm running or cycling or something. All summer long I rode by this coffee place and thought "That looks nice," but never when they were open.

Yes, I had to take a fair few pictures before I got one with an interesting-looking person in front of the store.

They've got a lot of beans here. The main store in Yotsuya looks bigger, with perhaps a bit more food. Actually this shop was really small inside, with only 6 or 8 seats once they devoted all that space to beans.  The deal here is basically that they'll roast green beans to your taste, which is kinda cool when you think about the lengths that some shops go to in order to get just-roasted beans. On the other hand, I'm sure the roasting here wouldn't pass mustard with those shops.

I'm not such a coffee snob, so I just had a regular coffee and some of these funny baked donuts that they were turning out of a donut-making gadget. It was a bit like a waffle pan, or a double-sided takoyaki pan - fill the rings with batter, close, wait, open, eat. There was a lot of vanilla in the batter. I liked it. Not as much as I liked not being at work, but still.

Well, not my thing so much, but could be good for you if you need coffee.

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