Friday, November 12, 2010

Zero, Monzennakacho

Bike culture may not be for sale, but it is most certainly available for exhibition in the windows of recently-opened bars in middle-aged districts of Tokyo that cater to middle-aged men. This is a questionable strategy; there were some young customers in here that might have been lured in by the hip fixie in the window, but I've gotta think the owners missed what they neighborhood is about and will pay a high, high price for it.

Their immortle SOULZ.

When Mayu and Go! and I went to this place, we sat at the counter just behind the bike. The white tires have a touch of discoloration right down the middle, so I'm wondering if they might even have been ridden once. The way the bars are turned, I wouldn't count on it. Good for bullfighting though.

As long as we're here, I'd like you to know that a Y500 cover gets you the right to Y500 drinks, which is cheap. The staff were kinda lively, and I think they were making some food in the back too. This is a good deal if you're looking for a late-night bar in Monnaka and are not too old (although the guy in the corner with the two Philippina hostesses was probably pushing 60).

Can't find a link. Too new, maybe. Really, there are a lot of new places in the last few months. You could say it's nice to see new things, but I prefer to wonder why the old places went out of business.

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