Saturday, December 11, 2010

Bar Children, Jiyugaoka

Pat said it best. Walk around Japan for a while, especially quiet suburbs like the outer reaches of Jiyugaoka, and you'll see confusing places like this. In the picture it looks like a house, as it must have been just over a year ago before becoming a bar. It wouldn't be surprising to find the owner living upstairs). But the front windows show a few tables and a nice little bar rather than an upholstered sofa and big-screen TV, and plenty of people having plenty of fun.

Fortunately there were seats at the bar. Unfortunately there aren't many good pictures. You can work it out, right?

They make a tolerable Gimlet. They also make a tolerable Sidecar. These things make an intolerable headache. Why did my friend order me a Sidecar? What happened here?

Why did I wake up the next day to find my in camera a picture of his left breast, resplendent in a pink polo shirt?

Why, oh why?

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