Thursday, December 30, 2010

Haruno, Omotesando (はるの)

Omotesando dining has always presents problems - everyone feels like there are tons of great restaurants mixed with the fancy shopping, but it's not true. Today in the middle of a walk we wandered into this place; it turned out to be 'healthy dining', but not in a bad way, in a stylish room with a nice bar that would be better at night. You can tell from the standard-ness of the lunch menu that they're really a healthy evening destination. With cocktails.

Yeah, if you were going to have ramen but wanted to be healthy, this is how it would look. Toppings of boiled negi, fresh mizuna, and fried onion, two rashers of mostly-pure-fat pork (which was soft, tasty, and not offensive - but I think mostly there for the collagen value) and a clear, light soup that made you feel healthy just to smell it. The noodles were a letdown - nice color and texture, but a strong taste of flour.

Someone had this fried pork set. OK, I stole some too. It was probably healthier than the usual tonkatsu - the crust was interestingly thick and crunchy, reminding me very much of falafel. The Iberico pork was pretty good, and the topping of grated radish and side of soft egg just increased the 'health' quotient.

Eh, if you have to be healthy, might as well do it in style and comfort.

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