Thursday, January 6, 2011

Dottanba, Kanda (どったんば)

Came across this place while looking for targets for those big sake dinners with colleagues...and have actually been turned away trying to go for lunch. It's decent. I like the rustic exterior, the way they've fitted this to look like you're going into a cave in the woods. Down the stairs it gets darker, and there's a big board of old nihonshu, shochu, and other liquor labels. Dead soldiers, so to speak.

Nothing too fancy - Todd had this kanburi don. I snagged a piece of fish so I could report with some authority that it was OK. Seemed like more rice than anything else (the bowl's bigger than it looks); I would have been a bit bummed if this was all the fish I got, but it's also Y800 for the sets.

My set was this shadowy fried oyster plate; the oysters were small and plump and briny, they were just fried oysters (and 5 of them, stacked, decent fry job). Let's not glamorize or adjectivize excessively. The sauce almost seemed like they might have made it, being a bit richer and textured than your average Bulldog.

Most importantly, the evening sake menu was pretty much a snooze-fest. We shan't be going back, but it's OK for lunch.

Adjectivize is not a word. I don't really think you were fooled, but, y'know, like that 'n' all. Sheeeeit.

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