Thursday, January 20, 2011

Eiki sushi, Kanda (えい輝)

It's a measure of both the popularity and, I like to think, the inferiority of sushi in foreign countries. Waddap asked if we could go to a 'sushi-type place' today on his last day of visiting from London, and was suitably amazed by Eiki. Nothing wrong with that - it was one of the best sushi lunches I've had in the area (cf Isohana, not visually impressive, but memorable quality), just that it must be a normal place by any serious standard. I've thought about going here 50 times and held off because of the normalcy. Same with the yakiniku across the street. Maybe next week. Maybe it will be as surprisingly good as this was.

The quality of the fish in the cooler was inspiring. Seriously, they were clearly more fresh and glistening than the average, and it was pleasant to see the chef go about his dinner prep. He was a little bemused at me snapping pictures of the cooler, but I didn't have any cards on me to explain what was up. This could really be nice for dinner.

And this was really nice for lunch. You can tell that it's good, right? Even the red-meat tuna was good quality, just tasty and enjoyable. What else can I tell you about it? If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

えい輝 breaky? Oof, don't even go there.

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