Saturday, February 19, 2011

Craftheads, Shibuya

It's likely that most of you need no introduction to Craftheads. In the limited time that I spent there, a good 50% of the clientele was foreign (which is 50% more than most places I go, or in fact the average place in Japan). You may even have been there. If you do need an introduction, let me just say "American craft beer. Good. Food."

I had heard that they were a bit strict or grumpy, policy-wise, but opening at 5 (3 on Sundays. Wait, 3 on Sundays?!), not charging a cover, and providing obliging service in English to a bunch of foreigners is the opposite of grumpy in my book.

They're big on bourbon too, but I'm not equipped to judge that. I am equipped to say that it's just cool to have close to 20 taps all devoted (now) to different varieties from Stone Brewing in San Diego (at least they have the ocean). Stone makes big beers with a lot of character, and of course they know it, they of 'Arrogant Bastard' fame.

This is the 'Cali Belgique', which is regular Stone IPA fermented with Belgian yeast. Drinking it, I really thought it tasted more Belgian, and wouldn't have thought that the base beer was a normal IPA. [Although the most illuminating example of this for me was the multiple Mikeller varieties at Ushitora.]

I wish I could tell you the food was good, but I didn't have any. I can tell you that Jackass on the big-screen TV is a welcome addition to any bar.

And I mean that un-ironically. It's just funny, that stuff.


  1. Ah, crap. Sorry I missed this.

  2. You've been though, right? If not, no great loss with all those Stones. Mostly for the homesick. There must be lots more beer available in the brewing hotbeds we in Japan hear about enviously, like Madison and Portland.
    Next time you're hear and homesick, we'll go.