Monday, February 28, 2011

Darumatei ramen, Monzennakacho (だるま亭)

Recognize this place? It's near the 7-11, on Kiyosumi Dori just north of the crossing. Used to be a different ramen place, and since they reopened with the new brandingway I've been thinking it looked kinda good. Also it says stuff about 'umai sake' on the outside, and I'm always fooled by that sort of marketing.

There's something unappealing about this place that I can't put my finger on. As usual, I can't manage to take an interior shot without Chef noticing. Ah well. 

And here is (one of) their speciality(ies) - Aka Daruma. Spicy soup with fried garlic and a dollop of Korean chili paste. The spiciness made me cough at first, and that's a good effort. The oiliness quickly got overpowering, and the flavor of the soup and pork was...insipid. Something about it tasted cheap. And I think it was artificially thickened; the texture seemed to indicate added starch. Ah well. Monnaka proper isn't really ramen heaven, you know?

Here's the egg-porn and also a little noodle-closeup.

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