Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Kouetsu, Kanda (旬魚 口悦)

Spring is in the airz. The tower continues to erectify. That wasn't a word, so don't add it to your vocabulary.

Meanwhile, in a completely differential part of town (I'm Edokko, so I think Eitaibashi is light years away from northerly Kanda), Big Bird and I walked around for a long time, decided we didn't need to wait in the line at Kikanbou, and ended up at this weathered fish place next to Koju.

This is what I mean by 'weathered' - the place, not the fish. You knew that, didn't you? I think they refreshed their decor sometime in the 80's. It wasn't awful, but was surprisingly cafeteria-like considering the sign and menu.

The menu included their 'special set', described verbally as 'mini-kaiseki'. Big Bird had never had kaiseki before...and of course still hasn't despite eating one of these. The boiled octopus was decent, the fresh fish was good-quality, and the grilled was better. Free refills of rice with all the wasabi furikake you could handle.

Other than, no reason to go here.

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