Sunday, February 6, 2011

Nolita House, New York

I'm sure you've noticed that I like me a little bluegrass music. I come by that honestly since Dad (not his real name) liked it before me. When I managed to convince him and Mom (not her real name) to come up to New York for a visit during my business trip, it seemed like a fun touch to find someplace with live bluegrass. And brunch! Unfortunately, this was like the previous day's experience food wise. No, let me scratch that; my language really went downhill as I hung around all the important and foul-mouthed people in the New York office, so I'll go out on a limb and say the food at Nolita House was shitty. I would have accepted a refund for the whole experience. Being so concerned about choosing restaurants in general, and feeling like I was the tour guide with Mom and Dad in NYC, I was genuinely embarassed to have gone here.

This was my plate; for perhaps the third time in only a few NY restaurants, shrimp and grits was on the menu. It seems to be a wave sweeping the city, and I was finally pulled under and ordered it. If I had to sum it up in a word, I'd say 'sucked'.

But what really broke my heart was watching Dad not enjoy his green eggs and ham (Mom's burrito looked kinda passable, and burritos are pretty tough to go far wrong with, no? I know you can produce brilliance if you try, but it's also easier to hide cold, mediocre ingredients inside a big wrapper.). You only get a few meals in New York, and lunch on neither day did anything to convince anyone that New York is a good place to eat.

Again, I apologize for this place. You couldn't even hear the music over the din of hip revelry.

Well, with all that bitching over (AND ANOTHER THING), here's what we saw on the street - new year's celebrations in Chinatown. This was supposed to be a parade. I have a sneaking suspicion that they just lined everything up on the street, got up on the float, and beat on the drums until sundown. It's too crowded to be parading, isn't it?

Dragon style!

Hmmm, just saying that makes me want to eat ramen.

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