Monday, February 7, 2011

Picasso, New York

As mentioned previously, the diversity of New York is startling. This is a bare-bones pizza place serving American-style Italian food prepared by Puerto Ricans, named after a Spaniard who lived in France and is most famous for not being an asshole.

The name made you think it was going to be some kinda hoity-toity Spanish new-wave gastro-palace, didn't it?

The bones, my friends, are bare. Strangely comforting, in a way, because it's the same as every other pizza place like this. Where I'm from, these are more or less like ramen shops - very simple, and with a distinctly sad overtone at night when the customers are single men who come in alone.
Fortunately those men have something for their fingers. Only.

The syntax there is faintly Indian. Could they have hired a Sub-continental menu consultant for added diversity?

And aside from those things for their fingers, only, they can get slices of pizza, resplendent in the showcase and heated up for a minute in the oven. Get a sausage slice, put a bit of dried-out Parmesan on top (I've heard people call this 'shake cheese', but that might have just been in Connecticut), ask for a side of sauce, and you've got a perfectly appropriate way to end a trip to New York (other than all those baked goods from the posts below, which I ate after this slice).

I'm not saying great, I'm just saying appropriate.
(212) 321-2616