Monday, March 7, 2011

Bangkok Stand, Otemachi

Have you been to one of these places? I think they were emboldened by the success of Tinun in branching across Tokyo, and decided they would do their own thing. The difference is that they do it in convenient locations, like the basements of two buildings near my office.
They're serious about the 'stand' thing. This is just like the Tinun in Ginza - an outdoor scene from Bangkok transported to a Tokyo basement. As such, it's comforting (if you're like me and find Bangkok street life comforting). The stools and tablecloths are the real thing, although could be accused of being a little high-class.
The food's right there too. Gai ga prao, with some green curry on the side. This is always the 'service lunch', and it's the only thing I get despite the temptations of various noodles. Now if they'd make me a somtam and a larb with some khao nyao, I'd be in heaven. Come to think of it, the staff probably would be too since I'm sure they're all from Isaan.

Bangin'! While standin'!

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