Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Grill Gonnosuke, Kanda (権の助)

I'd like to hit you with a counterintuitive and valuable lesson about picking restaurants in Japan - 'grill' doesn't mean what you think.

While Gonnosuke has some neat ambience (murals, surfboards), it is firmly in the 'grill' category (I mean, the name really gives it away, right?). That means it's going to be serving what? Not grilled meat, and almost certainly not steak.

No, 'grills' serve 'western food', or yoshoku, and that means Japanified comfort food like omelettes. The meals customarily start with a cup of weak soup, over which you can watch heartbreaking programs about Tohoku.

And then a 'special hamburg', which is a roundish patty with cheese and sauce. It's hard to understand how they get a ground beef patty to be so uninspiring; something about the fineness of the mince really influences the texture for me, I think.

Well, you can tell how boring this was, so let's cut things off there.

At dinner, you can get steak.

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