Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Kaiun Yokocho, Bakuroyokocho (開運横丁)

One thing about Ant - he does like his drinks. Even after finishing a full schedule at Okanaga's place, he was eager to have another sake in a smaller group. Well, let's not cut it off at 'another', he'd probably say. We started walking toward his hotel in Ningyocho (it's freezing now, by the way. Is this that Nucular Winter I've read about?), then saw Kaiun down a side street.

Novelty value of the name aside, this is a fun sort of Showa retro place - we sat upstairs, where the bare wood floors have cracks that show slivers of the standing area downstairs; the oil drums stand in as tables. The food revolves around grilled chicken, and we got through a bit of it. There are also a decent number of cheap drinking options - including copious amounts of the very good Shizuoka sake called Kaiun. It's just the thing to get you through solid aftershocks in a rickety building.


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