Thursday, March 24, 2011

Muroichi ramen, Nihonbashi (室壱羅麺)

Today was really late. I didn't get out of the office for lunch until after 2:30, so places over in the Muromachi area of Nihonbashi were putting out the 'Close' signs while I walked past (on normal days they just hurry out to say they're closed when they see me walk past).

Muroichi was open until 3, so I could sneak in. Not hiding away there, are they, sign-wise. I think 4 panels out front should be enough to get people in.

And they might need the help, because the ramen is kinda confusing. Their special ramen is 'a little of everything', with weak pork-bone soup, very fatty roast pork, half an egg, threads of shredded chili pepper, and a scoop of meat miso. The strangest thing was the noodles, which were sized and shaped and appearanced almost like soba - square and flecked with grain hull. The overall package was OK, but every element was 2nd-class, and that's no recipe for greatness.

Hell, it's just lunch.


  1. Can you explain further mean miso? Not sure what that would be like. Thanks!! M

  2. The thing just above the egg, the one that looks like almost like a meatball, is meat miso. It's ground pork mixed with miso, and some chili powder.
    Remember this place?
    Same as the brown stuff on those, more or less.