Saturday, March 19, 2011

Nishinotoin Shokudo, Kyoto (京 小町食堂 西洞院店)

I've been accused of excessive blogging, but only once or twice. (I've also been accused of a few other things in relation to this blog, but mostly they were inspired by Canadia and her denizens.)

Anyway, For the 3 minutes it'll take to upload and type, I think it's interesting and maybe useful to point out that this cafeteria-style place does a good line in breakfast as long as you like Japanese and don't mind the cafeteria format.

Mom and Dad, did we go here? I really think so, and there were stores across the street where I think we fabric-shopped.

So I maintain it's not excessive to upload this...but the amount of breakfast I ate is certainly excessive. Clockwise from the eggs, that's a Japanese omelette with green onions in it (made fresh to order), freeze-dried tofu with more eggs (oops, but I love that stuff), terrible rice (being the famous 'Koshihikari' is no guarantee it'll be cooked well), freshly-grilled salmon, spinach, and more tofu (but fried and in soup). It's all fresh and reasonably tasty, and it cost a grand total of about 7 bucks.

That's it.

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  1. Think we did breakfast here and my memory has the fabric shop on the same side of the street and down the block. I went there several times!!