Sunday, March 20, 2011

Shimogamo Jinja, Kyoto

I think most travel sites aren't very helpful, but it's pretty easy to upload a few pictures per temple. Consider these a teaser to help you decide where to go. Also, they'll all be on the map (once I get the map fixed). "Check back frequently for updates," as they say when they're not really intending to update anything, ever.

Shimogamo is a world heritage shrine. It's a little puzzling as to why; good marketing campaign, maybe? But being on our way from Kitayama to Demachiyanagi (sure it's an hour walk, but we convinced ourselves it was easier. And needed the exercise anyway.), it was right there...

Compared to other shrines you may visit, it's all about the bridge. The long, wooded approach to the shrine is nice but not greatly distinguished, the gate is big and orange and OK, but the bridge is really pretty. Therefore:

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