Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Bashi no Setagaya ramen, Nihonbashi (バシのせたが屋)

Setaga-ya is a pretty famous ramen shop, but not one I'd go to - it's all the way out in Setagaya-ku after all. Thus I was excited to see they've opened a branch in the new Coredo building (and you're probably thinking I'm not 'plugged in' to 'the scene' since I didn't even know the building 'opened' in 'December', but that's how it goes). Looking at their cards, I was puzzled to learn that I've sorta been to one of their shops already - at the home base (Komazawa Dai), they have the pork bone-style 'Setaga-ya' shop, and then a salt-ramen version called Hirugao on the other side of the wall - and of that, they have a branch in the basement of Tokyo Station. Well then.

I was expecting greatness and got goodness here. The soup should probably be the best thing in the bowl, and I liked that it wasn't too heavy or strong, but the flavor was just good, not inspiring. Noodles were nice too - those straight, white ones you can see - while the pork was soft shoulder (I think), the egg was competent, and the addition of their signature fresh seaweed was interesting.

It's a solid bowl. You can't do better in the neighborhood, that's for sure.

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