Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Bikini Picar, Nihonbashi (ビキニ ピカール)

Mmmmm hmmmmm, Coredo Muromachi is definitely the new project. There's more on the way.

For now, content yourself with the pleasant view of cheese and tapas at the counter of Bikini Picar, the pleasantly open and airy Spanish contender on the main restaurant floor of the building. The black-and-red decor outside is pretty enticing, as are the sub-$10 lunch specials.

All of them come with a little salad and one toast. I wouldn't call these pintxos or monteditos despite the Catalan theme of the place, but then what do I know? This one was liver paste with raisins, and I didn't enjoy it that much. Your mileage will likely vary; I just don't like liver all that much (except the obviously awesome ones like duck and goose and fish).

And then, yum, it's a nice fideua, or pasta paella. I have a soft spot since the first and last time I've ever had lunch overlooking the Mediterranean, the main course was fideua. This was really good; I loved the way the exposed bits stuck up and got crisp in the oven, and the way they mixed the toppings at the end to keep them from over-cooking. Very nice. All I can find to complain about here is that the volume was a bit small and there wasn't enough mayo. I think you'd be pleased with this place. Not blown away or nothin', but pleased.

Just quietly pleased. Contented, maybe.

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