Friday, April 1, 2011

Cafe Aimee Vibert, Nihonbashi

Hellz bellz, did everyone know about this new building except me? The new Coredo Muromachi tower is open, with three (little) floors of restaurants (more than the original Coredo, I think).
 Incidentally, I stand by my much maligned theory on the name of these buildings - while the 'Core of Edo' theory sounds nice, I think that's too fancy. It was actually the last trip to Kyoto that more-convinced me. You know what the commuter passes are called down there? Icoca. Roughly, "shall we go?" In Tokyo you have 'Suica' or 'easy card', as well as others. That cutesy naming must carry over, meaning these huge buildings are called "How's this?"

Phew, I got distracted. Aimee Vibert is a Michelin 2-star French restaurant on the near west side of Tokyo, and this is their new cafe. These passersby (passerbys?) didn't know they were going to be famous.

Can you blow up that picture and look at the bar? It's very pretty, the heavy zinc-ness of it and the elaborate grapes and vines on the periphery. The whole fitting of the restaurant gives Viron a run for their money in the more-authentic-than-Paris stakes. I especially liked the ceramic dogs on the top shelf, mixed with the empty bottles. The single holes in their snouts gave me the idea they were actually decanters, which would be very cool.

And while I was complaining about the value proposition at the last French place I went to, I don't feel like it today. I'm realizing in looking at this picture that much of the fault lies with me. I've been seduced by the Japanese system to the extent that I know a glass of juice if ordered separately would be $5 or $6, so I feel happy that they let me include it in the course instead of caffeinated bevs (health kick, can't you tell?). The throwaway soup was actually good; it had lentils and bacon down at the bottom.

And you know, the fish was really good. They got the whole crisp skin, moist meat just right. Side of cheezy pasta, ample steamed or sauteed veg, and that makes an excellent plate lunch. So with the bread in the background, would you be happy with $15 for what you've seen?

Good question, innit?

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  1. It is my 4 th time eating back in that lovely place for dinner, u are absolutely right, it is high quality and especially happy they serve decent size of drinks and
    desert, u should try dinner, good wine and unique food menu