Friday, April 15, 2011

Isshin ramen, Ochanomizu (とんこつらーめん 一心)

Confession time. I took Friday afternoon off. Because I could. And the early Spring perfect weather made it perfect to cruise to Ochanu by bike, ringing the bell from time to time out of sheer happiness.

Dining in Ochanu has always disappointed me, and I think I've pretty well been to the places that looked good or are known (boo on Ethiopia Curry and also on Sumatra Curry, visited pre-blog). This ramen (left side) is not on the recommended list. I felt like I previously struck out at the two decent-looking Hakata-style ramen options Hakata Tenjin and Ryu-Ryu Ken, and from the outside this looks like just the kind of place that's small and grubby enough to be really good.

Incidentally, the shop next door, Johnny Curry, is sort of a Go! Go! Curry clone. Kinda wanna try it; I like Go! Go! but haven't had it since the time in 2008 when I ate a Major Curry and spent the weekend food-poisoned.

Inside is also quirky enough to be good. It's too narrow to turn around, and all the seating is up here on the second floor. Actually, this photo shows most of the seating. I think there were two tables behind me.

The menu is also quirky enough to be good. All the other people who have been and blogged it seemed to get the 'Carbonara Ramen', so I did too. This was where all the 'enough to be good' stuff breaks down, because this is just a crappy Hakata ramen with a slick of melted cheese on top, and it's not good enough to be good.

Long build-up for that, wasn't it? Oh well.

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