Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Katsu Hey!, Nihonbashi (かつ平)

Hey! What's up! I'm sure the staff at Katsu Hey! would be surprised to see the store name written that way too, but I think it's cheerful. There's not much else cheery here, just a kinda old-style building that's now squeezed in between taller office buildings that are already old and tired in their own way.

There was something odd inside - not that you can see it in the extreme normality of this picture. I think it was the waitress; she seemed awfully uninspired, and that impacted my mood. I was also expecting it to be a little nicer, and my lack of enthusiasm combined with hers to produce frustration as I dithered over which of the 5 very dull options to order, and she waited, left, came back, waited.

Well, I ended up with the special lunch. That's a little hamburg, a 'bite size' fried pork, and a crab croquette. I like their frying style; it's very dark and crunchy. Vegetarians take note, I believe no actual crabs were harmed in the production of the croquette (although a lots of creams were senselessly slaughtered). The hamburg was below average by my standards. A big part of it is that I disagree with the way they grind meat in Japan - like sausages, the grind is too fine. I associate that with cheaper products, like hot dogs. Good sausages to me are coarser grind.

Marginally interesting - they bring you two sauces with your order (and don't leave them on the table when you go, which is odd). I tried to taste-test them, and I swear they were the same.

Ohhhh, I'm gonna eat some good sausage in America. It's gonna be like, what's the term, a sausage fest.

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