Thursday, April 7, 2011

Kushitei, Nihonbashi (串亭 日本橋三越前)

Oh look, another place in the newer Coredo building. Get used to it folks. How many have you read about so far? I think I've been 6 as of today. Have to be focused and completist, that's what I always sayist.

Kushitei is up on the fourth floor, which is a bit classier (like the sushi 'joint' there, which wants Y5k for their lunch set. Enjoy the solitude, guys.) Classy fried food is not at all a contradiction in Japan; some of my classiest friends are fried food.

In this case, the class comes from the cleanliness of the surroundings and the spotlessness of the cooking. That bowl of boiled vegetables was very tasty, as was the red-miso soup nudging into the right of frame.

Did I mention that this was a work lunch? I must be boldified, because I just whipped it out and took these pictures, then got into eating. I think you could get better value in quantity terms, but this was quality stuff. The asparagus was good, the shrimp was good, and the meat-stuffed mushroom was memorable.

Not a winner in the dining stakes for this building, but decent.


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