Saturday, April 23, 2011

Kyokin soba, Morishita (手打そば 京金)

Years it's been that I've been jogging by this soba place on Kiyosumi Dori thinking it looked good. I mean, it was there long before me - over 100 already, while I've only put in 7 - but it still looks good. Somehow I neglected a picture of the outside, which is much the best part of the decor. A fairly recent refit has left it a bit dull inside.

And you know, the reason I don't eat soba more often is because I think of it as dull. But I saw the 'sesame sauce' version on the menu, and I thought "That's the guy for me." The freshly-made soba were interesting, wider than usual and sort to my tastes. The sesame sauce was predictably delicious. I wish more people would put it on menus, or in fact that neat walnut sauce I had last year.

Someone had negi-soba, notable for the lovely yuzu smell when the bowl came as well as the 'onion forest' appearance of the whole thing.

The taste, not so much to say.

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