Monday, April 25, 2011

Mus-mus, Marunouchi

As you may have heard, I tend to go to a new restaurant for lunch every day. Working in the greater Otemachi area allows an incredible range of choice - for example the Shin Marunouchi Building is 5 minutes walk but has 45 dining options. I haven't exhausted them all, especially the ones up on the late-night-oriented 7th floor. This is one of the ones I was putting off - doesn't it just look too cute and healthy?

Of course, eating out every day means you need to think about your health a bit - like how it's declining. So a healthy, organic cafe focused on steamed food ('mus' is like 'to steam') is a good choice. They have a minimal 'salad bar' with just three items on it - including fresh pickles (left) and boiled konnyaku (right). These are indisputably healthy and were good. I probably ate an unseemly amount of them, but it as very late and the shop was almost empty.

It's nice that 'healthy' need not mean 'vegan', so the main dishes here are quite meaty. I skipped the steamed bacon in favor of chicken and burdock root, sliced over rice and steamed in the wooden tray. Homey and filling. The soup is also in that vein, including a healthy portion of pork to bulk it out.

However I still wouldn't say eating here will bulk you out.

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  1. From the name, I was expecting mice. Steamed mice?