Friday, April 15, 2011

Rimshot Guitars, Ochanomizu

This one's a little out of completeness, but bear with me. Along with Woodman and Hobo's, Rimshot forms the trio of extraordinary acoustic guitar stores in Ochanu (only Woodman has banjos, etc.). Any of the three could fairly be described as world-class in the slightly different spaces they inhabit.

Rimshot is basically the Martin store of the three. They don't have anything really really fancy, nor extra-expensive. What they do have is several solid walls of vintage Martins. Very few of them are less than 30 years old, except for some that are specialties like 45's and the like.

Again, you're not going to get your pre-war D-28 here, but you will find a solid selection of 50's and 60's guitars, and in the back area plenty of O-style guitars for your fingerpicking or whatever.

Oh, there's some Gibson and other things up front, and a very few sad electrics that look like the dreadnoughts bully them. Just ignore them.

Actually the online inventory seems to have as many Gibsons as Martins. Again, just ignore them.

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