Saturday, April 2, 2011

Tsukimikura, Kita Senju (月味座)

Must have been over 2 years ago I saw this place and mentally marked it as something worth trying. I don't get to KSJ a lot, OK?

On this trip, as soon as I saw it I remembered, and more rolling around didn't produce any other place we wanted to go to as much. The '9th Anniversary specials' like 3 varieties of sake for Y999 were also a minor inducement.

The first floor counter looks more appealing but was full. Upstairs is floor seating, but with zaisu and screens, and art.

Here's the 3 varieties of sake. This is what you call 'bait and switch', because there was no choice involved, just 3 mediocre selections from the same brewer. Whose name I didn't bother to write down. Blah. Or meh, I suppose.

Some of the food was good; all of it was aggressively priced. This is an interesting example where the fitting, the menu, and even the staff and service combined to make you think you were in a chain restaurant...but they only have two of these (and a few other makes and models, like an Italian, all around KSJ). Top right, the mentaiko tempura was the most interesting thing, and the bottom left grilled chicken was good too.

But overall, deeply unsatisfying.

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