Monday, May 16, 2011

Aarti, Akihabara (アールティ,神田佐久間河岸)

Cast a wide net, that's what I always say. Actually I never say that, but it was well worth walking the 20+ minutes up north to get to this place (east of Akihabara). I snapped a quick picture when I realized that the little red and yellow blob on the crappy skinny building wedged in there was a sign for my target.

Which was on the second floor of this little building, above a...I don't know what they're selling, but it looks cheap. Any time they say 'Get!!' as an encouragement to buy, I cringe.

Now, you can usually judge an Indian restaurant by the quality of their signage. Like the old La Loggia in Roppongi, who kept on the Italian theme long after they were making nothing but curry and naan. This fat white man with his white-man cake promises great things. Great Indian things.

As does the blessing of the elephant god in the stairwell.

I don't mean to mock, really I don't. The soft slap-slap of the chef making fresh naan let me know things were authentic, and one bite of chicken curry was enough to confirm that things were tasty. This is possibly the first time I've ever enjoyed a piece of tandoori chicken in a restaurant in Japan - they're always so dry and tasteless. And the curry was truly a cut above.

Thanks Ganesh!

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