Friday, May 20, 2011

Fah Sai, Jimbocho

I spent the longest time looking at this ramen place called Satou on Yasukuni Dori in the heart of the Jimbocho sporting goods area - "Have I gone here yet? It looks familiar. And I don't think it was that good."

Ahhh, the dilemmas that haunt my lunch. It turns out that the ramen place looks nothing like the mediocre one I was thinking of except for the size and shape of the counter.

But in the course of dithering, I noticed there was a Thai place right next to it. Problem solved. The first Thai place I loved in Tokyo was the Tinun in Jimbocho (I can't believe I've never blogged Tinun. It's wacky considering that I've been to branches in Ginza, Kinshicho, Jimbocho, Yotsuya and maybe Omotesando. I still recommend it despite the profusion of copycats - all of which are perfectly acceptable.) so I'm partial to Thai around here.
Especially when the staff is all Thai and says "crap" all the time.

Eating solid lunches is a theme recently, so I got one of the big sets (less than Y1k, good volume value). On the right is a normal ga prao sorta thing but dull without basil. They were saving up the flavor for the noodles, which was a mix of fried and boiled ramen-like noodles, curly, thin, and eggy, in a curried coconut soup. Tons of coriander on top. Constant smiles while eating. So delicious. OMG.



  1. トムヤムクンダブルメニューセット!!

  2. No, it's actually the curry noodles (double menu set). I can't remember what it was called, but it's not the tom yum. Really awesome though. カオ・ソーイかも知れない.