Tuesday, May 17, 2011

MaMa, Kanda (中国料理 媽媽)

There are days when I just think "Chinese". They are few, and they are far between - only twice a year, maybe. This was one of them.

After a lot of walking around in a dangerously dithering state (all the untried places looked crappy), I came upon MaMa.

And it turned out really well! I interrupted the setup for the staff lunch (it was almost 3 PM), but they got busy with the wok and fried up some chicken with cashews for me. I loved how they fried the chicken first, and also how the bowl of soup was their ramen base and not the usual starch-thickened egg drop soup.

Since it's nice to have at least one interesting element in a post, I present this sign. While it's creepy on it's own, it's mainly a katakana joke for those who can think that way.

"OMG, you are such a dolk," that sort of thing.

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