Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Morihachi, Kanda (森八 室町店)

It's always tempting to think you've tried something great and unique; I was pretty happy that I finally went in to Morihachi, but it was pretty apparent that it wasn't a family-run operation.

Not that this is a terrible thing. There's little difference between this place and a family shop - the old woman at the counter, the old guy who seemed to be the chef, the display case, the sweets.And Morihachi is from Kanazawa, which I always think of as a haven for sweets after I took a wagashi-making class there one time.

My idea was really to buy yokan, the block-of-beans that qualifies as dessert in some circles. After eating what is quite possible-like the best yokan in the world, doing a little comparison testing seemed to be indicated (and the other yokan was still in the fridge at home). If you're keeping score at home, the yokan here at Morihachi was like a normal yokan. The difference between it and the real thing from the above Echigoya Wakasa was laughable. Still, it's a subtle taste, so don't go there expecting to be wowed.

In other news, the green-yellow-purple color scheme on their nama-gashi is pretty, isn't it?

I have this dietary problem - when I eat a salty lunch, I inevitably want to eat something sweet afterward. The preceding curry meal had given me the usual craving, and I picked up these two snacks, shown here on the table in my office conference room. One was sakura flavored, the other plum. Purty good.

Well, at least they only have two stores in Tokyo, if you don't count the department store branches.

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