Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Uruwashi, Kanda (うるわし 神田)

Uruwashi. How did I miss this place? I've been on this street a dozen, a hundred times. The sign is big. The entrance is inviting, or at least the door opens and you can then go down the spare, elegant staircase and follow the tiled, cobbled path into the genkan.

It's this kind of place - fresh flowers inside the door let you know they're aiming for something special.

It's this kind of place too - kimono-clad fresh flowers serve groups of old men in suits. This is largely an entertainment venue, and the offerings are priced and structured to suit. Not in a bad way though - when these men received their bowls and said 'Wow', I looked over at the deep 14-inch lacquer bowls containing their mixed lunches and thought to myself 'Yeah, wow.'

As such, I got the signature Uruwashi set. This crappy photo at least gives you some idea of the breadth and diversity you get for your Y2.3k (I know, I know. But those guys above spent something like Y4k on their bowls - I told you, it's an entertainment place. They seemed sure I'd need a receipt for my lunch.).

Well, clockwise, you have something like duck and omelette, tempura, grilled fish, grilled beef, sashimi, and boiled vegetables (in light starch sauce, not clear soup). There were a few minor standouts, but you (and your guests) are really meant to be impressed more by the variety and size. I was duly overwhelmed.

My imaginary guests, less so.

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