Monday, May 9, 2011

Yoshimuraya ramen, Kanda (麺処 吉村家)

You know I like to bring you the latest restaurants, the 'hottest things' on the 'Tokyo scene'. Well, with the summer shaping up the way it is - low/no-air conditioning policies to save power for those in need - every restaurant is going to be hot soon. It wasn't even sunny today, but with the doors open and a hot bowl of noodles, I sweated plenty.

Yoshimuraya is a curious-looking ramen shop, isn't it? That's because at night it's a vegetable-focused Italian place called Mitoshiro Seven. Hard to see in this picture, but there was a chef working in the back. Looked like he had given up the front counter to the ramen guy and was doing his prep.

How about those noodles? One could argue they're 'light' and 'healthy' because the soup is 'niboshi', meaning it's made by boiling dried baby sardines (niboshi is 'boiled dried').

I've been into some bad habits, like ordering 'special' ramen all the time. In this case it's hard to say what makes it special, but it's a solid bowl. I liked the thinness of the pork; that lets it almost dissolve when you start chewing it, so you get all the flavor and none of the unsightly gristle that can plague rolled pork.

The standout here was either the soup or else the noodles, which were firm and chewy in the best way.

Much like a good woman.

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