Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Beach House, Cape May

Some things are just iconic experiences. Epic experiences, if you will. Or even if you won't. We got down to Cape May at lunch time, couldn't check in to the hotel, and wandered off down the beach. I couldn't shake the idea that fried seafood while looking at the ocean was the only acceptable choice for lunch. There aren't many places where you can have that epiconic experience. The Beach House is one of them.

Temperatures were excellent during our stay (we're getting around pretty good on this trip, doncha think?), and I can't see why anyone would want to sit inside, especially when there are great views of wildlife from the back deck.

You should know up front that you're a tourist for eating here and should expect to be trapped. The food is all a few bucks more than it oughta be, but would you believe that the crab cake, fries and cole slaw were all quite decent?

Likewise the tremendously-sized onion wrings, and even the big slab of fried fish. They do something with the batter here that makes it very thick and dark. Maybe it's beer.

Honestly, the food could be much worse. We sat by the railing, ordered some iced tea, and looked out over the dunes. Ahhhhh. That's a vacation.

I mean, the preceding 10 days were also vacation, but in a different way.

Can't find a site for this. It used to be Henry's, but you'll see here what happened to them.

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