Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Blue Pig, Cape May

Cape May is beautiful, isn't it? There are blocks and blocks of houses like this.

But there's only one Congress Hall, the first and most historic hotel at the Cape. You should see the inside here - lots of historic or restored touches in marble and wood, a nifty lounge in a semi-jungle theme and with a gorgeous old piano, and a spacious, airy feel throughout.

But we're just here for breakfast, which can't help but be spacious and airy out on the patio. It's just breakfast classics, done well, served seamlessly, and charged fully.

I was fixated on biscuits after not getting to eat at the Chalfonte, so I got biscuits with sausage gravy. They were good, and thankfully not too aggressively portioned. I could have used more gravy - probably just because it was tasty and that makes it evaporate quick-like, but maybe because the biscuits were dense and dry.

Everyone else got the signature eggs benedict; if that means I done somethin wrong, I don't want to know. You can also see where I was the sucker that got grapefruit juice; it didn't seem that fresh, while the orange juice was obviously squeezed out minutes earlier. Lesson learned. Learnt.


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