Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Candy Box, Richwood

Mornings in Pitman, I like to jog (it's the only way to balance the volume of food you inevitably eat). For some reason my normal course is to go out to Richwood and then down to Glassboro - not the most friendly since the roads are higher-speed, but as close to countryside as you can get. Especially the piece from Carolina Blue out to Richwood, on which resides the Candy Box.

I guess it's someone's house, maybe even this woman. Certainly it took a while for her to peek out from the back room after we came in. Reminds me of places in Tokyo where I've been unable to rouse any interest from the back and just left money for my purchases.

In this case, she turned out to be really welcoming and helpful. I always thought they made the chocolates here, but most are made in Cherry Hill by Bayard's (the chocolate pretzels on that site are getting me excited). There are several packed-full cases, and the shelves behind her have even more bite-size items that she'll hand-pick for you.

My main memory is of the interior being dark, cool and with a green carpet. And of buying 'irish potatoes', which are sweetened coconut balls rolled in cinnamon. As you can see from the pictures, either the store has changed completely or I have no idea what I'm on about. I know which I think is true.
And irish potatoes are a seasonal item (who knew? as well as, of course, being from Philadelphia, not Ireland, and containing no potato.). I gravitated toward the almond butter crunch as a replacement, but we also picked up some chocolate-covered marshmallows. It's perfectly good stuff, especially when you consider the low, low prices.

Because it's quantity that matters, my friends.

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  1. The woman in the red shirt in the one picture is the owner. Originally the Candy Box used to be on the corner where the pool place is but when they were selling out, this person bought the name and moved it to her house. They also have orchards and sell peaches and apples on a cart.