Friday, June 24, 2011

Hantoco Cafe, Shintomi (ハントコcafe)

Wooden and I just wandered around a bit on the way to the station from Rusai. That was a pretty unsatisfying meal, and this little place looked awfulllly inviting as we strolled past.

I'd seen it before, of course, but never noticed that it had a 'sake ball' outside, and we were doubly sold. We sat at the little chairs and table by the door and let the cheerful service wash over us.

Likewise the heavy flow of mid-evening traffic to and from the highway entrance nearby. Tokyo has so much potential for outdoor dining, and wastes every bit of it. This qualifies as a pleasant terrace if you're in Shitamachi.

And look, this qualifies as a pleasant restaurant in any part of town. Everyone's got their quirk (at least, I don't think there's much point on going to places that don't have their own quirk), and the one here is that everything is from Aichi prefecture's Cheetah Penninsula. That's the east side of Ise Bay, opposite Ise, in case you were wondering (and we were discussing).

I have no idea what the food is like; I just saw them preparing a nice-looking natto pizza (to the extent that such things can be nice-looking). The sake selection was very cool - who would think there were 6 or 8 sake brewers down there? Even better, who would think you could ask a pleasant, young waitress for a sake recommendation "Something with a lot of umami, like it's been cold-aged," and have her come up trumps?

Not me, obviously. But I'd go back here.

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