Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Honda ramen, Kanda (ほん田)

Ohhhh, the heat is hitting us now. The plan of going to America for the main two weeks of rainy season worked a treat, as it's only rained a little since we came back. On the other hand, it's consistently 90 degrees (32) and that makes pounding the blacktop up to Awajicho to polish off all the ramen shops in the area pretty brutal.

Inside Honda it's very soft, in the sense that it hasn't changed for a looooong time, and everything is mellowed out. I like to pride myself on taking unobtrusive pictures, but obviously these guys were quite hip to the game. This picture looks like it could be 1965, doesn't it?

The order management is neat - see that clear board in front of the chef? They slide the tickets into that and then through as they're filled.

I liked the ramen. Nothing fancy, but you knew that by the outside, the inside, and the low prices (Y500 with added onions, I think). The soup is good in a traditional way, the noodles were cooked right, and the whole package came together very satisfyingly. It would be nice to introduce someone to ramen slowly by starting them on this stuff rather than charging into the deep end of the pool with miso and tonkotsu, but we never instantiate those dream situations, eh?

What are ya, Canadian?

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