Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Juhachiban, Kanda (十八番)

Have you seen this picture before? I have a feeling I've taken it before, like the taxi driver with the red hair who squats and smokes (that picture is Nihonbashi, but I saw him outside my house one time).

The lion seems to be saying "Suckazzzz! I've got it made in the shade!" but the sun will soon catch him crying.

Getting a random thought: It's so hot, only hiyashi chuka will do. Left me walking for ages. I would have been crying too, but that's like, you know, giving water to the dead. Instead I just held out for block after block until I saw a place advertising cold Chinese noodles.

They didn't advertise the delightfully downtown ambience; not quite Taishoken-caliber (if you don't have shop-kids scampering about without shoes, it's a 5-point deduction), but very suitable.

Ohhh, excellent. Very droll. Very suitable. What you have here is your basic ramen noodle, cooked and chilled, sauced with a sweet-soy-vinegar sorta broth, and smothered with these traditional toppings. Actually I lie, because they've embellished it with the pure-white shirataki tangle on the left - which is nice because it's an interesting texture and has zero calories.

Speaking of texture, why are these noodles always slimy when I make them at home? You can buy fresh ramen in the stores, but they don't come out store-style even when I wash and chill them real good.

Ahhh, the mysteries of the universe.

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