Monday, June 27, 2011

Katsugiya ramen, Kanda (かつぎや)

It's tempting to give up sometimes. These guys went to Katsugiya just after it opened and did a much more complete job of writing it up than I ever would.

On the other hand, I bet most of you can't read that crap. I sure can't! Anyway, I had a different dish. So here goes.

This was the last place I wanted to hit on the street a bit south of Yasukuni in Awajicho / Jinbocho. For your reference, Shi was still the best. (har-de-har)
Katsugiya, on the other hand, is in the 'quirky' camp. They specialize in tantanmen, the spicy sesame noodles that I love love love. I'm glad I learned recently that curry-rice is a popular summer food because the spiciness is supposed to help cool you off. Until then I thought I was just a completist fool, eating hot noodles in the middle of summer.

Japanese people might think I was a fool for calling this summer since the official announcement hasn't been pronounced yet, but if it's over 90 degrees, I'm making an executive call there.

So hey, I made a concession to the heat by having the soupless version. I keep ruining the careful symmetry of these bowls by pulling out a little noodle for you to inspect, but I know you wanna see them. The stuff on top is planks of deep-fried spare rib. It's good. The noodles and saucing weren't so memorable, unfortunately, even though I ordered the top-level spiciness.

Maybe it was just the weather.

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