Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Nagasaki Rou, Nihonbashi (二代目 長崎楼)

Yeah, the amazing ten-don place was full again, and had 10 people in line again. With a small but heavy sigh, I walked around the neighborhood and settled on one of the other places I hadn't been to.

Nagasaki food isn't so famous, is it? The only thing that springs to mind is the 'junk noodle' plates, with the most famous being chanpon. Any place that calls itself Nagasaki... is likely to be serving that.

Nothing notable inside, just the clutter and mild untidiness of Japan.

In a weird circumstance, their policy is that you should pay for the food before receiving it. I was deeply annoyed by this - which is ridiculous. As someone pointed out to me when I complained later, that's the way every ramen shop in the world works. It's just that it's with a ticket machine in that context. Why does it matter? It shouldn't. Wacko.

Cleverly, I thought "Ahhh, I prefer sala udon to chanpon," and ordered that. The difference is in the noodles - one comes with a big puck of deep-fried noodles, the other with soft, pan-fried ones. Either way it's covered with a snotty, viscous mass that includes octopus, mushrooms, cabbage, fish cake, shrimp, peas, and lots of bean sprouts. The version here was a bit under-flavored and over-salted.

And wouldncha know it, I ordered the wrong thing. My cleverness led me astray as it so often does...well, the noodles were nice and chewy and wheaty and a bit burned from the pan. Better luck next time.

If there IS a next time, muwahahahahaha.

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