Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Pegasus Diner, Malaga

Aaaaaah, another South Jersey Greek diner. Why are there so many of them? Why are they all the same, and so boring? We were speculating on the way in that Pegasus would have blue and white walls, but that was only because we had been to Olympia the night before for takeout.

Nothing really Greek-looking inside - but a big, proud display of big, cheap cakes by the door. I'm not sure if I've ever ordered these at a diner like this, and I'm not sure if I want to now. They look awfully big and awfully mediocre. Well, there's always next time.

Really, it was disappointing how little Greek there was about this diner. At least it's been redone; it you look at something like the Five Points Diner, where the name has changed but the decor is the same from the 80's, this is pretty nice.

And the lunch was pretty nice too, if you got the salad and spinach pie special. What I liked the most was how the salad was layered with non-lettuce items like cheese and dill and stuffed grape leaves.

The spinach pie was good too, maybe better than the one from Olympia. This is positive, because Pegasus has really dumbed-down the Greekness of their menu. I think there was only this, gyro and maybe souvlaki. It's a damn shame.

Well, depends what you want, because like any diner in these parts, there's a wealth of other junky food - big, meaty sandwiches. In fact, the web site says how they're proud of their "quality and quantity".

Here's the ever-popular all-day breakfast ("Breakfast At Lunch" they used to call it when we were in school).

It's an experience, I guess. And I maintain that it's better than going to a chain 'family restaurant'. As far as diners go, Pegasus is actually a pretty good one.

Only as far as they go, but hey.

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