Monday, June 13, 2011

Pizza and Gyro King, Cape May

Why does Greek food go with pizza in New Jersey? No, wait, I had a better opening for this post (no edits). I was going to reiterate my Theory of Culinary Naming. You know when you see a restaurant that has more than one genre in its description? "Chinese and Tibetan food". "Indian and Bangladeshi". Even the dreaded "Japanese and Chinese". My theory is that the second food is always the ethnicity of the owners. So here, pizza is to bring the punters in, but gyros are what the presumably Greek-descended owners would be cooking exclusively if they could.

There's nothing too rigorous about that theory, by the way. Here they have lemonade and lots of other junk food and sodas, and it's just a crappy place by the beach, so who cares? Order your gyros.

And let's play some skee-ball! Roll the ball up the ramp and try to get it to jump into the holes to win valuable prizes. It's an excellent way to pass the time, much more wholesome than the House of the Dead 4 machine they have in the back.

Soon enough, your gyros will be ready. If you're us, you'll just take them back to the condo and split 'em up for lunch. Actually it was just the menfolk that ate these. I think the lamb was too much for our weak women.

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