Monday, July 4, 2011

Cafe Rosemary, (カフェ ローズマリー)

Oh hell, it's the fourth of July. Well, happy fourth to everyone who's in a place where they give a damn. Here, it's a normal day at the office, albeit one on which I could spend almost 75 minutes at lunch. Then again, I did ride to Akiba, buy a disk drive, find this place, and eat three courses before waddling back to the office. No exterior picture today. They're always meaningless, aren't they? Actually the interior shots aren't so great either. This one kinda points up the fact that they've got plasticized tablecloths and a bit of clutter, all in a French way. Categorize this under 'affordable Japanese bistro, not bad'.

It's only been a few days, but I've forgotten if the options for the first course. I religiously avoid things like 'cold potage' because I'm not that old yet and still have my teeth (although I admit that when it's 90+ degrees out and you've been riding your bike 15 minutes to get to a restaurant, a bowl of chilled potato cream sounds pretty a facial). This salad was quite forgettable, with the mediocre salmon, processed ham and cheese.

Things turned right around with the fish, a pan-seared sea bass with crispy fried onions and a mound of soft cabbage. If the balsamic saucing was a bit heavy, it went fine with the bread. This was cooked excellently and tasted great, and if dinner was like this across the board, Rosemary would be a real find. I shan't find out, unfortunately.

Dessert offered a flash of excellence; the bits in the nougat glace were very tasty, but it was too soft (and too small, boo) and the coffee poured over didn't taste like anything. I coulda swore I heard the next table receive a description about this dish that involved caramel sauce, and that's what had me so confused until I realized it was coffee. If it was caramel sauce, we have bigger problems.

None of your sauciness, wench.

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