Monday, July 11, 2011

Chibakiya ramen, Kasai ()

Aaaaaah, relaxing bike rides to the countryside for ramen. You know what really puts the icing on that cake? Making sure the store is open first. I arrived in North Kasai to find that the 'closed on Tuesdays' policy at my target shop doesn't apply on the occasional Monday in summer. After a brief interlude at a really good sake store nearby, I ended up at mama's recommended shop, the somewhat famous Chibakiya. The have about 5 branches aside from this head store, but all far-flung - the nearest is Yokohama, and there's even one in Sendai (where the founder hails from, I surmise, because they have a beef tongue topping option).

Nothing happening inside, just 4 guys standing around, watching the streets shimmer from the heat (Tokyo hit 97 yesterday; paved suburbs like Kasai maybe more) and waiting for the odd customer to take out their excess energy.

Strangely, their welcomes were muted; they spend the most energy on saying "Please take your time!" which everyone says loudly and almost in unison.

But they work fast and serve a very nice bowl of shina soba, basically old-fashioned Tokyo ramen but with a bit better noodle and maybe a more refined soup (which was worth drinking - clean and simple, no floating fat, just onions). Very thick and meat pork. You can see the egg was a touch overcooked, but that's no crime when you're boiling them by hand and not in no fancy circulator gadget.

Hate them things, I do.


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