Thursday, July 21, 2011

Edamura Liquors, Tsukishima (越後屋 枝村酒店)

Ahhh, the depths of summer, when lonely single men's fancy's turn's to thought's of

Miss July! We stood right next to this calendar, and with the locals studiously ignoring us, had plenty of time to consider what day it was.

Miss July may have been the most attractive thing about Edamura,

Which is a classic-but-messier example of the liquor store that slaps a board across the counters, drapes a plastic marijuana-leaf sheet over same, and gets beers out of the cooler for a small charge. This one is messier; my favorite was the one I went to in Kamakura when my friend lived nearby and was a regular. They had draft beer in plastic cups, and that trumps canned Sapporo.

Nothing trumps the enjoyment of standing around with other marginally-coherent guys though, discussing the tribulations of the day, or in fact of life.

Perhaps one thing can trump that, actually...

Miss August!


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  1. Welcome to my home town!
    But i have never been to 角打ち in Tsukishima.