Friday, July 22, 2011

Kirakutei, Shinagawa (きらく亭)

After a leisurely recidivist lunch at l'Effervescence we gradually worked all the way down to Shinagawa to meet the Todds...who were late because their kitchen went up in flames. Definitely a worthwhile excuse. Kirakutei was the most obviously 'sake' of the izakayas along the north Shinagawa shopping street (a piece of the old Tokaido, in fact), so we hit it. 

The atmosphere is really nice! I love these long tables, and the display of vegetables, and the prolific if old-fashioned sake menu on the walls (broad range of Hakkaisan and Kubota, then more interesting stuff). Why the heck did this place stay empty for the whole time we were there?

Oh, right - the service is horrible. The woman working here is grumpy enough to turn anyone away, and as soon as we sat down we regretted being there but felt trapped. It's the style of service where she doesn't look at you, listens to your order, and walks off without acknowledging it, all with a grimace on her face. Other than that, great place!

Oh, right - there was salmon in the sashimi. You probably know by now that I regard this as the kiss of death. It's just that it all comes farmed from Norway, even if it's picked up at Tsukiji in the morning. And even if it tastes just fine (which I think).

So once our resolve to leave was set, the master brought us the other half of our first-round order. And this agedashi tofu was surpassingly light, salty, and delicious.

So we left a little confused, but with no intention to brave the waitress again.

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