Monday, July 25, 2011

Taniyan ramen, Monzennakacho (深川谷やんラーメン本店)

This is on the outskirts of Monnaka, where Kasaibashi Dori bends down to meet Eitai Dori and it's hard to cross the street if you're walking to work - which I was, for several years. And the grease and stains on the yellow awning here kept calling me. Plenty of evenings I'd wobble by on my bike and think about trying it, but always resisted.

Well, it's pretty good. The inside is surprisingly big, and packed with crap, like they cater for three more restaurants and send all the food out the back for delivery when you're not looking. It's pretty boring, which is why you'll end up watching TV like me.

Wait, what's that box under the TV? Does it say 'live carp?' Are they putting them in the ramen?

No, they're keeping them in a tank in the corner.

Make that three tanks. Can anyone explain what carp have to do with ramen, other than being the hobby of the owners? They have carp-related posters on the walls, and the front door features a life-size cutout of a prize-winning red, white, and black beauty.

Incidentally, and in their spare time, they turn out a very decent bowl. The soup smelled like it was beef-derived, but after drinking it a while I just thought it was pork. Noodles, very nice, and coming in trays with their name on it. Old-fashioned fatty pork, but tasty and not objectionable. In short, a tolerable bowl that would like impress a dilettante  and still please an expert.

Not meaning to imply I'm either.

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