Sunday, July 10, 2011

TGI Friday's, Shinagawa

I've been accused of a willingness to blog anything. That's pretty true, although I've never stooped to the level implied by the original comment by writing about a convenience store. This is close...

So we were hanging out with Todd and his family, and after we got tired of eating whipped cream-jalapeno chips and drinking Gassanryu and the sun went down, we went out.

Where all the beautiful people hang out in Shinagawa.

I've been unfair to Shinagawa, I suppose. In particular, this shotengai near Kita Shinagawa seems very good - even on on shuttered Sunday night, it was pretty clear there plenty of interesting shops. I can console myself that that's a whole station away, and the near districts of Shinagawa are still pretty dull, but there's also a nice ramen street under the tracks on the west side south of the station. They have branches of Tetsu, Setagaya, Kibi, and then a bunch of good-looking alternates.

But the cool people are definitely hanging out at TGIF. Especially the foreigners in tank tops. Which was NOT me and Todd, I hasten to add.

Having already had lots of whipped cream and jalapenos, no one was particularly hungry, but we got some Moscow Muletts and desserts. This is the famous 'Cheerio Ice Cream', sort of like huge ice-cream-filled Oreos. Come to think of it, why don't they call them Oreo Ice Cream?

And this is a big, junky, unsatisfying brownie sundae. In America, you can get much better than this - the brownies can be moist, and the sauce can be hot and fudgy. We'll do it up.

Todd and Chiquita were already doing it up. Hell, there's nothing wrong with TGIF. You know what, you can sit outside, you can get junk food, the view is pretty cool, it's not expensive. If you want warm and dignified treatment, community involvement and home teaching, go to Leatherby's. I'll be over with the normal folks.

Going to hell.

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  1. TGI Fridays at Shinagawa has tried to rip me off by charging THREE TIMES for the same drink.
    I told them it was the same drink, but I know they knew that.
    Be careful