Thursday, August 11, 2011

Cattlea, Morishita (カトレア)

'Ganso' is a funny concept. I think it means something like 'the original' or 'the inventor'. Maybe 'authentic' would be better, but more detailed reading certainly shows that this place claims to have invented curry bread. For years I thought it was just an undistinguished bakery a few towns up from mine, but when someone started exploring things to do in her new neighborhood, this came up as an exciting destination. Authenticity and all that.
If you've never had curry bread, I do think you're missing out. It's like a fried donut pocket filled with very thick Japanese-style curry - the dark-brown sludgy stuff (that I love).

Are these extra-authentic? They're certainly made in small batches, at specific times of day, and sell out quickly. We called ahead before riding the bikes up to get a pair, still a little warm, and very, very oily.

Which I don't mean in a bad way.

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